what's vïv?

Vïv [pronounced veev] is the latin root for live. I'm here to support you in living your best life, to help you feel confident in your skin, and to push you out of your comfort zone. I'm here to help you vïv

how does coaching work?

We start with one small change and continue to build until your goals are met. One step at a time makes a lifestyle change approachable and simplifies the complicated world of nutrition and fitness.  My goal is to go all in for three months, and make sure you don't need a coach after that! 

what makes vïv different?

Unlike other coaches who only work on nutrition and fitness habits (or make you feel guilty if you don't follow their prescribed plan), I help you change your mindset and improve your self love in order to truly change your habits. Your mindset affects all aspects of your life. By helping you overcome negative self-talk , it makes it easier for you to adopt healthy habits and lose weight. 

I want you to have energy and feel amazingly confident in your own skin.  I take a limited number of clients  so I can provide love, support, and connect with you on a weekly basis. 

For more about my experience and passion for health and wellness click here

what is nutrition coaching? 

Nutrition coaching is a flexible approach that combines your goals with my expertise to help you make changes and get the results you want. No diets. No fads. No meal plans. No quick fixes. Just long lasting healthy lifestyle change. For an in depth explanation, click here

who is coaching for? 

Whether you need to get your body back after baby, or you are ready for a lifestyle overhaul, I can help you out. Check out my programs here. Coaching is perfect for any mom who needs help changing her nutrition habits, but doesn't want to research the "right" things to do on her own. I get it, there are too many diets, shakes, and cleanses out there and it's overwhelming! I'm here to take the guess work out of improving your nutrition.