NOURISHED:YOU. an 8-week small group coaching experience to help mamas stop the sugar obsession, have more energy, and model healthy habits for their kiddos.

Learn to stop the diets, and understand why you NEVER have to count calories or diet again. Finding balance with nutrition IS possible. I’ll show you how.

What are mamas saying about NOURISHED??

“I used to sneak food and feel guilty but she made me realize that there aren't bad foods. I just need to use moderation and have balance. Her advice is so practical and perfect for the busy mom to implement. It's so much more than just information because it helped me to actually incorporate the information into my life.”

“NOURISHED provided such great information for me because it really taught me to have a better relationship with food.”

“I am so glad that I participated in this program!! Cassie is so knowledgeable and motivating. My thoughts about food have completely changed and the “guilt” for eating “bad” foods has pretty much disappeared! Food is my friend no my enemy!! Thank you Cassie for helping me get my health back on track!!!! If you’re thinking about trying this program, stop thinking and do it!!! It’s definitely worth it!!!” —- mom of 5

As mamas, we have A LOT going on. And sometimes our own health and wellbeing can fall right off the to-do list (and I’m sure you know when YOU aren’t feeling good/having energy it can be reflected in your parenting, relationships, and work.)

That’s why I created NOURISHED:YOU.

An 8-week group coaching experience for busy moms to learn how to actually practice the ubiquitous “HEALTHY LIFESTYLE” (aka NO diets, calorie counting, cutting out food groups, expensive supplements, etc.)

In NOURISHED we learn to:

  • Overcome the starving or stuffed dilemma. Ever find yourself too busy to eat, but when you finally do sit down you’re a STARVING/HANGRY mess?? Then you over eat/ feel stuffed and tired… and repeat

  • Break the SUGAR Cycle. DO you find yourself having a small, but sugary breakfast followed by coffee.. only to be hungry an hour later, craving sugar… (and repeat forever…)

  • Tackle the cravings. The nighttime sugar fest + netflix, the need to eat when feeling anxious. In NOURISHED, we tackle emotional eating head on, and my clients make INSANE progress, and learn to trust their BODY (not a diet or “plan”).

  • + get the support and accountability of a group of mamas making changes right along with you, and a built in cheerleader + accountability partner (me!)

Other NOURISHED:YOU mamas said…

“ My biggest struggle before the course was poor meal planning and very unhealthy snacks and skipping meals.”

“All of this has helped the overwhelming feeling of meal planning a whole week. it has also helped food waste which is awesome”