MIND-BODY- #MOMLIFE: my ANTI-diet method for the mama who wants to lose the last of her baby weight, but knows DIETS are not the answer.


Intuitive Eating + Self Love

As mamas, we have A LOT going on. And sometimes our own health and wellbeing can fall right off the to-do list (and I’m sure you know when YOU aren’t feeling good/having energy it can be reflected in your parenting, relationships, and work.)

That’s why I created MIND-BODY- #MOMLIFE.

A 6-week group coaching experience for busy moms to learn sustainable weight-loss through:

  • Intuitive eating (AKA saying NO to restrictive diets and yo-yo dieting)

  • Self-love

  • Nutritional foundations that your whole family can adopt

Who is Cassandra??

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So what’s included in MIND-BODY-#MOMLIFE??

All lessons are delivered online via private facebook group- short videos are perfect to watch anytime/anywhere, and group coaching allows you to get the benefits of private coaching WITHOUT the investment.


MIND:Module 1
Self Love

  • Say GOODBYE to Negative self-talk. Did you know not believing in yourself, calling yourself fat -out loud or in your head, or other #meangirl behavior, actually makes it MORE difficult to lose weight??

  • We start by addressing your mindset about your body FIRST, and then everything else becomes easier.

  • Begin practicing MINDFUl eating aka HOW to slow down, enjoy your food, and actually feel satisfied by eating less.


#MOMLIFE: module 3
applying everything to your busy life

  • Real life means holidays and birthday parties and eating out. Learn HOW to apply intuitive eating +nutritional foundations to your busy everyday life


BODY: module 2
nutrition+intuitive eating

  • Nutritional principles you can apply to your WHOLE family (aka NO short order cooking here!)

  • Intuitive Eating 101: Learn HOW to listen to your body and eat when you are actually HUNGRY (not stressed or anxious or because your toddler just had a meltdown…)

  • Understand portion sizes



  • meal planning + meal prep for the busy family- AKA more time with you family and kids and less time worrying about planning healthy meals!

  • more tips, strategies, and ways to be a healthy example to your kids and teach them about nutrition!

Can I learn intuitive eating on my own??
Yes! BUT, this program includes my 6 years of education, my own experimentation and experience, and 3 nutrition and coaching certifications so YOU don’t have to go through all the “hard” stuff. I know you’re short on time, and aren’t interested in another “diet”. Instead, I teach you to let go of all the “rules” you’ve ever been taught and instead how to rely on your own body!

I’ve tried other plans and programs. How is this different??
Most people have, and come to me because their “plans” and “programs” only work if they are following them by the letter. But then life happens- aka vacations, stressful seasons, holidays, parties, etc. Then what?? You “fall off the wagon”? Have a cheat day? A cheat week?
I help you listen to your body regardless of WHAT you’re eating. This is sustainable regardless of what stage of motherhood you are in.

Can I really do this??
I created this course because busy mamas often put themselves last. By taking a little time and investing in YOU for once, you will actually have MORE energy, and more love not only for yourself and your interested, but for the ones you love as well. I’ve helped everyone from kids and teens to adult women learn to practice intuitive eating. YES, YOU CAN REALLY DO THIS!!

How much will this cost?
You can pay for private coaching…take the yearrrs to do it all yourself through trial and error… OR join my beta group experience for just $349. Get alll my tips, tricks, and guidance so YOU can lose the baby weight and keep it off (at least until your next baby ;) AND you’ll have permanent access to the program, so you can go through it AGAIN at no additional cost at ANY point in the future.

There is also a 100% satisfaction guarantee. If you go through the full 6 week training and are not happy with the program, just ask for a retuen and get your money back! No questions asked!