let's chat! I'm currently offering free 20 minute meal planning calls! ($35 value)

I'm currently offering FREE 20 minute calls to help busy mamas like you with meal planning strategy. 

Are you sick of wondering what you are going to make for dinner?

Tired of eating your toddler’s chicken nuggets for lunch?

Do you dread the dinner hour chaos that happens every single evening?

Wish that you could make simple/healthy/inexpensive meals without taking a ton of time or effort?

I want to chat with YOU!

FREE Meal planning strategy call with a nutritionist (ME!).

Simple tips and tricks to plan healthy meals for the whole week.

At the end of out call you will have a plan in hand for the week ahead.

Why in the world is this amazing service FREE?

I’m trying to get to know the pain points of my target audience (millennial mamas on a mission to get healthy)  so I can create better content and coaching services.

So it’s a win-win.

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