4 week catalyst: jump into your healthier lifestyle (without giving up chocolate) 

Let me guess… You’re short on time, right? Taking care of tiny humans is exhausting work that doesn't stop.

You want more energy and you definitely want to fit in your clothes a little better, but you aren’t sure where to start.

Nutrition or exercise?  Count calories or macros? Ketogenic? High protein?

Information overload makes feel it impossible to know what to do.

So you do nothing. And then you get sick of not having results, and then you do all the things all at once.... And you get overwhelmed and give up. Rinse and repeat. 

It’s an endless cycle that leaves you feeling unhappy and discouraged.

You think the only way to change your habits is to hire a live-in chef and on-call personal trainer. (#dreamlife)

You are sick of trying to juggle your commitments to your family, while also being a good example of healthy living and taking care of you.

You know that your family life, relationships, and confidence thrive when you feel your best....but you can barely remember what that feels like. 

You need a little tough love. Someone to hold you accountable to what you say you will do, but also give you guidance and direction and teach you HOW to make changes without feeling deprived.

The 4 week catalyst is the ultimate jump into a healthier lifestyle with unlimited support and accountability.

Start your healthy lifestyle journey with the ultimate accountability partner...a nutrition coach with years of education and experience to help you get the results you want without giving up all the good things in life (chocolate anyone…)

Four weeks dedicated to you and your success, and the last time you need a “fresh start”. Say goodbye to the phrase “I’ll start again on Monday”.

This 4 week program includes:

  • A 20 minute kick-off call to lay the ground work for our amazing journey together

  • A few questions: I'll send you a couple of questionnaires to help me get to know you, your strengths, your current habits, and where I can support you the most

  • 60 minute planning + wellness vision call: we talk about your goals and start planning the steps you’ll take to get there

  • Weekly 20 minute check in call + unlimited email access: let me pat you on the back, give you support and provide accountability

  • Written action plan: 3 month plan + tools to continue changing habits

After completing the 4 week catalyst you will:

  • Have a head start on your lifestyle change (with the accountability of a coach who won’t let you quit!)

  • Have new healthy habits in place

  • Have clear goals + an action plan 

  • KNOW how to continue on the path to health and wellness. No coach needed (but if you want to continue, that's fine too!) 

Bonus #1: unlimited email follow up all month long ($200 value)  If you have any pressing questions come up between our phone calls (and chances are you will…), I’m here for you and promise to provide feedback and motivation when you need it most. Not quite a live-in trainer, but almost as good. ;)

Bonus #2: My meal planning and meal prep guide ($50 value) that teaches you how to save time, while still eating delicious food. (No boring chicken and broccoli here)

Bonus #3: A 50% discount off my monthly fee ($300+ value) any time you need a refresher or an accountability partner. I exclusively offer month to month coaching for my 4 week clients!


What’s next? After you hit that shiny pink BUY NOW button and I receive your payment, I will send you a calendar to schedule our 20 minute kick-off call. Easy as that. 

Will you be crushing your goals 4 weeks from now?