Online Coaching.. perfect for the busy mama

Learn healthy habits on your own time.

  • Feel great in your body- no matter what phase of #momlife you are in

  • Eat better, without dieting or feeling deprived

  • Ditch the food rules, forget the fad diets and conflicting advice

  • Achieve, and maintain, your goals, even when life gets busy

Online Coaching allows you to watch/read modules on your own time. Whether it's early in the morning, on the weekend or in the middle of the night, you don't have to worry about scheduling coaching calls. 

What to expect?  

  • Powerful software that makes it easy to to receive your weekly modules and watch your progress 

  • Information straight to your laptop or phone

  • Small habits that build on each other... nothing overwhelming or hard to stick with 

  • a quick way to do a daily check in (did I do my daily habit?)

  • Learn nutritional basics that you can actually apply for your whole life (vs just a short term diet... yuck...been there, tried that) 

  • Email contact and monthly calls with me to check in, answer questions, and help you meet your goals

sooo... I have a few questions for you. 

  • Are you a mama trying to get used to her new #mombod?

  • Do you believe in "body positivity" but just aren't quite in love with your own bod (yet)

  • Are you sick of setting goals only to forget about them weeks later... [btw STOP chocking this up to mom brain...being a mom doesn't mean you stop caring about what YOU want...]

  • Are you ready to FINALLY figure out how to eat for a healthy, BALANCED life... without feeling like you're on a diet?

  • Say goodbye to shame, guilt, and self-doubt! 

More details:

  • $129/month, one year commitment (but if you aren't happy at anytime, just let me know -- np pressure)

  • What's next? Fill out the application HERE. After my first group of 10, the price will go up! 

  • Any questions?? Email me (cassandra@vivfitness.com)  or reach out to me on social media! xoxo