Private health coaching for for the mama who doesn’t have time for another DIET…. 12 weeks to self-love and food freedom.

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client testimonial

Cassie is able to connect well with others with her happy personality. She is not judgmental at all. This creates a comforting atmosphere where you can trust her and learn from her. Every part of my experience in working with and knowing Cassie has been very positive! I would recommend her to anybody!
— AnnaLisa

I help busy mamas like y-o-u:

  • Have MORE energy so they can chase their kiddos around without running out of breath

  • Change their relationship with food… no more food DRAMA and RULES

  • Learn to love their bodies… it IS possible (yes, as you are right now!)

  • Maintain a healthy weight …not just lose weight and yo-yo forever-ever.

  • Understand nutritional basics (aka no BS, trendy food “rules”)

  • Get more activity in a way that doesn’t feel like torture…say goodbye to the treadmill if that’s not your thang…

  • Eat nutritious food that tastes good! (imagine that)

  • Stop overeating. No need to soothe your emotions with FOOD

  • Say bye forever to cleanses, diets, and cutting out food groups. Say ADIOS to WHOLE30, keto, and another 3-day juice cleanse!!


So you can...

  • Be FREE from food drama

  • Feel confident in your postpartum body

  • Stop relying on sugary snacks and caffeine all day

  • Be a healthy example to your kids (the whole reason you want to be healthy anyway...)

  • Maintain a healthy weight without effort (pinky swear)

  • Stop trying every other diet and cleanse that comes out!


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My clients get results like...

  • No more sugar cravings!

  • Learn to stop the emotional eating cycle

  • Balance her favorite treats with nutrient dense foods

  • Eating so she feels satisfied after meals and she ca (finally!) stop snacking all day

  • She inspires her kids to eat healthier meals and snacks-- without a fight!

  • And most importantly... she learns to be kind to her body and stop comparing herself to everyone around her!

For example...

  • Emma stopped bingeing and purging after our first meeting

  • Andrea stopped her afternoon chocolate habit (and had amazing energy)

  • Ashley learned how to easily measure portions and still felt satisfied after her meals

  • Alexis found fun ways to get exercise...

  • Amanda learned to be KIND to her body... and it made everything else easier! 

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My clients are moms who…

  •  Know their pre-baby weight-loss methods just won’t work anymore

  • Are short on time, and need realistic NO-DRAMA nutrition advice that will work whether she’s pregnant, nursing , or losing baby-weight

  • Know there’s more to life than fitting in her pre-prego jeans… but she still wants to feel happy and confident in her #mombod

  • She’s tried keto, counting macros, whole 30, etc…. But she needs something that she can do FOREVER (hint: she isn’t giving up carbs forever. duh.)

Ready to get started?? 

After you click the shiny pink button below, I'll review your application, and send you a link to schedule your meet and greet call. I can't wait to chat! xoxo 

What's next?? The premium private coaching package includes:

  • Application + Meet the coach Fill out the application below and then we'll schedule a call to kick off  our journey together. 

  • A few questions. You fill out some surveys and questionnaires so we know where you're starting from. 

  • Let's get started. 60 minute initial coaching session to define your goals, address barriers, and create a plan specific to YOU and your life.

  • Mindset. We start by figuring out the stories you are telling yourself, why they aren't true, and HOW to change your self-talk so you don't sabotage. 

  • #GOALS. I'll help you set goals you are crazy about and create a plan to get there. We can work on meal planning,  exercise, portion control, healthy snacking, you name it....I'm not here to tell you what to do! You're the boss. You tell me where your pain points are, and we go from there. 

  • Follow-up. Weekly follow-up coaching sessions (via phone, video call, or in person if local) to give you the support you need to help you achieve your short-term goals, and tweak things where necessary.

  • 12 week commitment. 12 weeks to give your body the chance it needs to make changes and see results- and there will be some awesome results. Commit to you. You deserve this, right? 

for one payment of $5997 or 3 payments of $2200…. 

  • learn to love your body no matter what stage of motherhood you are in

  • learn how to eat healthy meals without feeling restricted (and most important… MORE energy!)

  • learn how to listen to your body instead of arbitrary rules like no eating after 7pm, no carbs, or a boring meal plan

  • be a healthy example to your kids without being super strict about food. (this means PEACEFUL meal times. It is possible.)

  • Learn how your body and weight-loss ACTUALLY work so you can STOP trying every diet ever created and actually learn to love, appreciate, and feel at HOME in your body. No more MEAN GIRL comments when you look in the mirror!