Tips for staying healthy this weekend...

With date nights, going out with friends, running errands and the temptation for fast food, it’s difficult to make healthy choices on the weekend (plus, I rarely want to cook dinner come Friday night). I encourage everyone to live a little and enjoy some treats every now and then, but there’s nothing worse than waking up on Monday morning and thinking “I blew it this weekend!” You can avoid that feeling by keeping a few tips in mind.

8 ways to have a healthy weekend! Tips for balance and moderation to make your weekend a little healthier.


  1.  Plan ahead. If you aren’t familiar with a restaurant’s menu, look at it online ahead of time. Most restaurants have a healthy option menu these days (my favs are CPK and Cheesecake factory). If all else fails, order grilled meat or fish with grilled veggies or a salad.
  2. Go Halvsies. if you don’t want to eat off the lower-cal menu (or if there isn’t one) split an entree with someone. Restaurant portions are WAY too big for one, and this is a good way to make sure you don’t over eat while saving some cash and enjoying something tasty!
  3. Drink water. sodas and alcoholic beverages are filled with calories. If you are drinking alcohol skip the fruity (calorie-laden) drinks and go with something simple. Or just drink water with a little lemon or lime. 
  4. Skip the bread basket. I can sometimes control myself if there’s bread at the table and just not eat any of it, but if I do take a piece, there is no turning back. Don’t fill up on a meals worth of calories before your dinner even gets to the table.
  5. Choose the restaurant. If you can, choose a restaurant you’re familiar with. I always do better going to places I know (where I know what I like and that it’s tasty). Sometimes I will go to a shopping center with multiple places to eat for lunch and I’ll eat at Chipotle and my husband will grab Five Guys or firehouse subs or something and then we will meet up and eat together- do what works for you! (My husbands metabolism is much better than mine, sadly).
  6. Don’t show up starving. I know your parents always told you not to ruin your appetite before having a meal, but it’s ok to ignore their advice. Have a healthy snack filled with plenty of protein and fiber so that you aren’t starving when you arrive. This will cause you to eat less, and make less impulsive decisions (appetizers, anyone?)
  7. Stay active. Don't worry about slaving away in the gym if you do over indulge, but balance out your weekend with a fun activity like a hike, family walk, trip to the beach, or some other outdoor fun. 
  8. Balance. If you do plan on eating a heavy meal or are going to an event or party, just enjoy it! Balance it out by eating like you normally would throughout the day and then just enjoy yourself. Don't over think it! 

Enjoy your weekend! 

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