What is health coaching?

If you are curious about health coaching, but not sure exactly what it is, I understand. There is some ambiguity because like the title nutritionist, anyone can call them self a "health coach". A health coach is someone with a background in health/fitness/nutrition with a specific set of skills to help you make long term lifestyle changes (i.e. behavior change).

The idea is that if you've been eating or thinking a certain way for your whole life, it's not going to be a fast or easy fix, or changed by a few appointments with a personal trainer. We need to get in your head a little more.  Although personal trainers are incredibly helpful, they [generally] aren't trained in helping clients change their mindset or nutritional habits.  

When looking for a health coach, be sure to look at their credentials. There are certifications available through ACSM, Precision Nutrition, Wellcoaches,and more, as well as various degree programs. 




Health Coaching is NOT...

  • a short term solution like a wrap, shake, pill, etc.
  • a diet
  • focused on weight loss (although if that's your goal I can help you)
  • therapy or a replacement for medical help for addiction, eating disorder treatment, or severe medical issues. I will happily work along with your medical team, but I cannot replace them

Health Coaching IS...

  • teaching you to think independently (i.e. no more dieting- you will learn how to live a balanced life and after a while no longer need my help)
  • it's more than personal training or an appointment with a dietician in that we get in your head a little more and discuss your inner motivation, long term vision, goals, and all aspects of health and wellness {i.e. sleep, stress management, water intake, physical activity, spirituality...}
  • by setting weekly or bi-weekly goals that build on each other, along with personal accountability from me, you will slowly  but surely become healthier while learning to change your lifestyle-- for good

What makes me a good coach?

My education and certifications are listed here...but those aren't what make me a good coach. I'm a good coach because I care. Your success is my success. I want to help women feel confident, have energy, and not be a slave to the scale. I'm here to teach you to think independently, and help you to learn balance while meeting your goals in order for you to become the best version of you possible.  I'm a natural listener and have specific training in motivational interviewing... aka I help you figure out what it is you want and how you want to get there. I'm not here to tell you what to do.

If you are interested in coaching, check out my programs here. As always, if you have any questions, feel free to reach out via email [cassandra@vivfitness.com] or on social media. You can find me at  @vivfitnesscoach on insta, twitter, and facebook