One word 2017

Over the past few years I've heard of people having a mantra, phrase, or word of the year instead of the typical New Years Resolutions. While I definitely have specific goals I intend to work on this year, I love having a "theme" if you will to base decisions on and to reflect on as the year goes by. Last year I didn't have a word, but looking back I think I was setting the foundation, if you will, for my adult life. 

I finished my masters, had a baby, and started my business. I was also kind of living in fear.  I felt like I was pretending. I had all these certifications and years of experience and education and for some reason I didn't feel like I had what it took to start my business. I was excited about becoming a mom, but nervous about what the future would hold. I was nervous about not having the "student" title to fall back on. 

This year I have vowed to let go of that fear. I have promised myself I will work hard and BLOOM. I will put effort into everything I do, I will give motherhood and my new business my all. I will learn as much as I can. And I will bloom. My goal isn't perfection in the slightest. I definitely have perfectionist tendencies, but I really just want to move forward. I want to keep growing and not let fear hold me back. 



Do you have a word of the year for 2017? Any specific goals you are working towards? If you are ready to improve your health and fitness and need some accountability, let me know! I am currently accepting a few more clients and I'd love to work with you. 

Until next time,