athleisure love: tried and true favorites

 I wanted to share a few of my all time favorite fitness items. I loved when blogs first started and I could read about what other girls actually loved (compared to now where it's just the current season/new arrivals/etc.) I'm nosey, so I really just want to know about everyone's favorite go-tos! The things they've been going back to for years. (True story: I used to love watching "what's in my bag" videos on youtube in collge. lol) 

So with that in mind I thought I would share things I have been loving for YEARS. And they are so good they are still available.  Major classics. 

The topic is athleisure (#duh), so this is kind of the basic mom's starter pack haha. But I truly use these things weekly (and my nikes and fitbit are daily).

An I ended up sharing a couple more things at the end! Here we go....

athleisure love- (1).png


1. Lululemon Define Jacket. This thing is so popular and for good reason. It's incredibly flattering, well made, washes perfectly and isn't too heavy or too thin. It's stretchy enough to wear over long sleeves or short sleeves, and also layers under a down vest perfectly in the winter. I have it in two colors (black and blue stripes), but seriously I want them all. Shop here. 

2. Gap Sports Bra. I have the medium impact and it's perfect for running. I have a small/medium size chest, and I wear a medium. It's great quality-- I have two and they are about 3 years old. I was also able to wear them through almost my whole pregnancy (so pretty stretchy, but still provided support). They have a bunch of different styles and colors. Check them out here

3. Nike Frees. Again- these are classics. I have 4 different colors and they just work for me. Super comfy for everyday wear or working out. 

4. Gap Tanks with built-in shelf bra. I love a good tank with a shelf bra, but a lot of times they just don't fit perfectly. These really work for me. I wear a small in the tanks (as opposed to medium in the bras) and I can run, but can't do too much high impact jumping/burpees, etc. 

5. Patagonia Fleece. I actually have the full zip (in this exact color). It's heavier than the define jacket, but not too heavy to wear inside. I got it when I was pregnant in a size up and was able to layer long sleeves underneath if needed. Super cozy, and I really like the length too. To me it's a more put-together sweatshirt, but still just as comfy. Check out a bunch of Patagonia fleece options here. 

6. Fitbit. I got my first Fitbit in 2013 and have been using them off and on since then. I now have the Fitbit Alta and I love it. I credit this for helping me lose the last of my baby weight. It keeps me accountable and helps me want to get more activity in my day. 

7. Zella High Waist Live in Leggings. OMG. These are amazing. I've had zella leggings for years and they are super comfy and hold up EXTREMELY well, but the high waist are a game changes. These are perfect if you are pregnant or postpartum as they really provide great support (and no love handle squishiness in the early postpartum days!) Not my fave for working out in, but for everyday wear these are the winner. 

8. Swell Bottle. It doesn't get any chicer than this! I like using straw cups at home, but on the road, these are the perfect size to throw in my bag, and they are just beautiful! They will also keep your beverages cold for 24 hours. More cute patterns here

More faves:

Old Navy Quarter Zip. These are a great length to wear with leggings, and super soft. And you can't beat the price!

Old Navy Seamless Sports Bra. The seamless fabric makes these super comfy and if you want a breastfeeding-friendly sports bra, then these are great because they are so stretchy. Again-- the price is right! I ended up getting a couple different sizes when I was pregnant and postpartum when my old sports bras were getting too tight. 

Lululemon High Rise WonderUnder. I like these high waisted leggings for the same reason as above, but I love this material for working out. I have honestly never found a pair of leggings that fit me better and stay put during runs and workouts better than Lulu!! And I love the 7/8 length for my height. I'm 5'2 and these are perfect! 

Okayyy... so that's it. Who knew I had so many words about ATHLEISURE?! Jk, This is how I dress everyday, so I have big feelings. Please let me know your all time favorites!! Beauty, clothes, boots, jeans... whatevs. I'm nosey and I want to know what you swear by. 

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