My Favorite Podcasts: on #momlife, relationships & productivity

I love a wide variety of podcasts! Here are my top picks, in no particular order.


  • Atomic Moms: "A modern parenting podcast". Host Ellie is funny and does such great interviews with a wide variety of women. As a new mom, I love hearing about other people’s approach to parenting and her guests always leave me feeling inspired. Her nonjudgemental approach to motherhood is a breath of fresh air! 
  • Sorta Awesome: Host Megan has 3 alternating co-hosts who are all cute and quirky in their own way. I followed co-host Laura’s blog (The Hollywood Housewife) for years, so I especially love hearing from her. These ladies discuss everything from fashion and beauty to relationships and entertainment.
  • One Extraordinary Marriage. Hosts/ husband and wife Tony and Alisa are funny and matter of fact about relationship hardships, sex, love, and commitment. They've been married for 20+ years and Alisa is a relationship coach, so they really knows their stuff. 
  • The Chalene Show. I think this was the first podcast I started listening to. You may know Chalene as creator of the workout Pi-Yo, but on her podcast she talks about fitness, motivation, relationships, parenting,organization, and nutrition. She is funny and smart and her personality makes me want to be BFFs with her. I also follow her on snapchat because I love her so much!!
  • Let it Out with Katie Dalebout. Formerly the Wellness Wonderland, Katie interviews guests from all over the health and wellness spectrum. 


A few more favorites : Serial season one (and I hear S-town from the same creators is excellent), The Goal Digger Podcast with Jenna Kutcher (she's adorable), Radiolab, The Balanced Blonde Soul on Fire, and Smartest Person in the Room! 

What are your favorite podcasts?? Let me know! You can always reach me here, or @vivfitcoach on ig, twitter, or facebook.