How to make your workout clothes last

Whether you spend a pretty penny on leggings at Lululemon or you live for the cute/inexpensive workout wear at Old Navy (or you love a little of both, like me), I'm guessing you probably want to keep your gym clothes in good shape. Here are 6 tips to keep your gym clothes from falling apart (and smelling fresh) for the long haul. I've been using most of these tips for years, and honestly my gym clothes have held up so well! I have crops I've worn weekly for YEARS and they still look great. I definitely attribute that to buying good quality clothes, but taking care of them helps too. 


  1. No fabric softener. Use laundry detergent only! Fabric softener isn't good for the sweat wicking fabrics. 
  2. Hang Dry. I hang dry all of my workout clothes (aside from cotton tanks). I have a drying rack from target like this one. I got this tip from someone who works at Lulu. It will definitely make your clothes last longer if they aren't going in the dryer!
  3. Re-wear. For things like jackets and leggings, I will often wear them 2-3 times before washing. Unless, I get sweaty of course! But if I'm just wearing a pair of leggings to walk the dog, I will definitely re-wear.
  4. What about shoes? I will throw my nikes in the wash when they start looking grubby. Put them in the wash with a tiny bit of detergent and a small towel (like a hand towel- this helps them get clean on the outside) and then air dry. They look as good as new!
  5. When things get smelly.... The problem with a lot of wicking materials is they holds on to smells more than fabrics like cotton... use a "scent booster" like these tabs from downey if things start getting funky. You can also use vinegar in your laundry to help deodorize. 
  6. Be gentle. Use gentle detergent. Dyes and perfumes can cause wear on the fabric over time. Luckily dye-free and perfume-free detergents are widely available these days. Store brands have them, and of course companies like Method and The Honest Company have them as well. 

Let me know if you have any tips for keeping your gym clothes in tip-top shape!