Cutest Water Bottles to Help you Stay Hydrated this Summer!

You know you're supposed to be drinking plenty of water, especially in this summer heat-- but what if you hate drinking plain water?? Just like any other habit, it helps to ease yourself into it! Here are 5 tips to help you stay hydrated plus what to do if you hate drinking plain water. 

5 tips for staying hydrated (even if you hate plain water!)
  1. Flavor! I love adding fruit or citrus juice, herbs (like mint leaves), or even flavored stevia drops to my water. You don't actually have to drink water "plain" to get the benefits! Try using an infuser like the one linked below, or drink tea and then slowly dilute it. 

  2. Take it with you. Having a water bottle with you wherever you go is super helpful if you are trying to stay hydrated. Bottles like the swell ones below are perfect because they are insulated and won't leak in your purse!

  3. Water first. If you like having a soda or cocktail when going out, drink a full glass of water before each beverage. This also works when eating at home! Having a glass of water before each meal has also been proven to assist in weight loss (#winwin). 

  4.  Fill your bottles everyday. Simply making sure you have 2 or 3 filled and chilled water bottles ready at the start of each day can help you to drink more! I suggest either making this part of your evening routine and filling your bottles and sticking them in the fridge, or first thing in the morning so they are ready to go! 

  5. What about if you love bubbles?? If you love carbonation there are a million types of flavored sparkling waters. If you need to, add some stevia drops or a squeeze of lemon or grapefruit for a refreshing drink without the calories (or aspartame) of other bubbly beverages. 

And of course, having a few cute water bottles laying around doesn't hurt either! Check out these cute water bottles below ;) 


5 tips for staying hydrated (even if you hate water) plus the cutest water bottles ever!

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