healthy snacks: tips to keep you feeling full for hours

It’s back to school season again, and while I’m not headed back to school, I definitely understand the need for a quick & healthy snack. Whether you are the one hitting the books, or you are running carpool (or both... #supermom), these snacks will keep you satisfied.

Simple and healthy snack ideas that will keep you feeling full plus tips from a nutrition coach on how to snack while losing weight!

I hate snacky foods like baggies of goldfish, crackers, chips, or cookies because they simply are not filling. They may fill you up for 30 minutes, but then you are hungry again, and nobody has time for that!

So what’s my secret to snacks that fill you up? I aim for 200-300 calorie snacks that include a mixture of either protein + carbs or fats + carbs.

Why?? I try to avoid snacking on carbs alone, because like I mentioned… they just don’t keep you full! Carbohydrates cause an insulin spike, and then when your blood sugars drop you are hungry again. You can avoid this spike and drop by regulating your blood sugar with healthy fats and protein. Easy peasy.

healthy snacks for weight loss. simple snacks that will keep you full! Plus nutrition tips from a nutrition coach.
simple healthy snacks plus tips from a nutrition coach. How to stay full between meals while losing weight!