How to KICK the sugar Cravings for good (without giving up food you love)

If you’ve ever experienced big sugar cravings, or find yourself in a caffeine, sugar, repeat cycle… you’ll want to keep reading.

Beginning MONDAY, October 7, I’m hosting a FREE 5-day mindful eating challenge to help busy moms like YOU overcome cravings WITHOUT giving up your favorite foods.

This is for you if:

  • you find yourself craving sugar every day (most likely in the afternoon or evening)

  • if you want to quit the cravings, but don’t want to face the holidays without pie or Halloween candy (same, girl)

  • If you know you need to eat a bit healthier but have NO idea where to start

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What moms need to know about KURBO (the new weight loss app for kids by Weight Watchers)

What you need to know about the new KURBO app by Weight Watchers

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As a pediatric nutrition coach by day, I help kids and families improve health habits every day. I also teach moms about how to model healthy habits to promote a positive body image for kids…  and this app is FULL of RED FLAGS, and will no doubt lead to long lasting body dissatisfaction and a diet mentality.

Here are a few reasons why. 

  1. Kurbo is NOT shy about this being a weight loss app, and it’s marketed for kids as young as 8. Anyone who has any knowledge of child health/psychology, knows teaching kids to focus on WEIGHT will set them up for a very unhealthy path. When kids diet from an early age or are focusing on weight.
    Their success stories page notes how much weight each child has lost or how many BMI points dropped. If Kurbo is using WEIGHT LOSS as their measurement of success, they are missing the mark. Weight loss does NOT equal health, and in fact can lead to worse health in the long run.

  2. When kids are still growing in height, it’s rarely (if ever) recommended that they LOSE weight. Weight maintenance while growing in height will result in a decrease in BMI. Weight loss should be closely monitored by a professional… not an app! And again, any type of focus on weight loss for kids can be EXTREMELY triggering, and lead to ongoing dieting, eating disorders, depression, etc.

  3. Kurbo is a food and exercise tracking app. This app is NOT  habit-focused. It labels foods as red, yellow, and green foods. While this method has been beneficial for adults, it could easily lead kids to believe that red foods are “bad” foods, and create an unhealthy relationship with food.

    [side note: I had my own spin out that was triggered by a food tracking app as an ADULT health educator, and ended up being bulimic. This can be VERY triggering for anyone with an obsessive personality]

  4. The app promotes using screen time to track weight, log all food intake, and exercise. IN an age where teens are spending upwards of 7 hours per day on screens, and screen time is already taking away from physical activity in teen girls…. An app is NOT the answer.

  5. You may be thinking… well isn’t there a childhood obesity epidemic? YES. But it’s not going to be solved with an app that encourages kids to lose weight. We as parents need to be responsible for creating a healthy home enviornment, and modeling BALANCE and taking care of our bodies. Kids don’t do the grocery shopping. They don’t cook the meals… parents do. 

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Simple nutrition for busy moms

If you’re done dieting, want REAL changes, and most of all- want sustainable energy so you can keep up with your kids… keep reading.

I know there are lots of “plans” pretending to be lifestyle change, but you’re smarter than that.

Long lasting change comes from making PEACE with food… not cutting more and more food groups out.

Get back to basics with simple tips to keep you energized + modeling healthy habits for your kiddos.

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Say BYE to food guilt and restriction + HELLO to food freedom

Dieting, cutting calories, “good” vs “bad” foods” etc, is NOT an effective way to improve your health.

No one wants to feel “restricted” which is why it’s NORMAL to binge on fast food or cookies after you’ve been following a strict diet.

And research actually shows that those who diet frequently, actually end up gaining the most weight.

So what’s a busy mom to do?

You want to FEEL healthy right? As in not feel like you’re going from starving to stuffed after every meal, or surviving on sugar and caffeine.

Do you want to feel confident in your nutrition choices that you’re modeling for your kids??

Do you want to have energy (not just sugar or caffeine spikes followed by crashes)?


A FREE 4-day nutrition experience for the mom who is DONE dieting and wants to learn how to:

  • model healthy eating for her kids

  • END the starving —> stuffed cycle

  • Say BYEE to the caffeine + sugar obsession/cravings

all WITHOUT restriction — because we already said restriction DOESN’T work anyway, right? ;)

Did I mention FREE, what do you have to lose?!