Weekend Wellness Guide ($67): 
a 3 day workbook and guide to simplifying goal setting. learn to change your habits one one mini goal at a time.

Who is this workbook for?? 

  • This workbook is perfect for the gal who isn't quite ready to invest in one on one nutrition coaching, but hasn't had success meeting her health goals on her own 

  • For the mom who continues to set the same New Years Resolutions year after year

  • For the go-getter babe who tries to do everything at once, only to get discouraged and give up before meeting any of her goals

 Sound familiar? Then this workbook is perfect for you.

This self-coaching guide follows the exact formula I use for coaching my one on one clients.

The magic formula  is based on 6 years of education (BS + MS degree in health education), 2 coaching certifications, and 3 years of health coaching experience, all wrapped up in a little pink book, for a small fraction of the cost of coaching [think: 1/20th of the cost of my premium 1:1 coaching package]. 

After completing this workbook, you will be able to:

  • clearly define your health and fitness goals and figure out what really matters to YOU 

  • learn techniques to battle and overcome self-doubt and  self-sabotage 

  • break down your goals into doable chunks 

  • accomplish your goals using a simple step-by-step method that I've used for hundreds of clients 

  • use research-based coaching methods without the cost of one-on-one coaching! 

  •  AND you'll have the upcoming 90 days + following year planned out

all that for less than a trip to target??


If you aren't ready to invest in health coaching, this workbook is a perfect solution to help you set manageable goals and change your lifestyle one mini goal at a time.