What's Vïv? 

Vïv [pronounced veev] is the latin root for live. I'm here to support you in living your best life, to help you feel confident in your skin, and to push you out of your comfort zone. I'm here to help you vïv

Meet Cassandra. 

Founder of Vïv Fit, experienced health coach, and passionate about helping women feel their best.  

I'm your healthy BFF here to push you toward your goals. I take a body-positive approach to helping women slowly change habits and build confidence.

I know from personal experience that feeling good in your own skin is priceless and living a healthy lifestyle does NOT mean you need to be on the verge of a hangry cleanse-induced meltdown. I teach my clients how to find balance and moderation without guilt and without extremes. 

My Education and Experience 

I have a bachelors degree in Public Health from Brigham Young University and  a Masters in Health Promotion and Education from the University of Utah. I'm a Certified Health Education Specialist (CHES), Precision Nutrition Level 1 Certified Nutrition Coach, and trained by WellCoaches. My education = your success. 

I have 3 years experience in health coaching in the insurance and corporate wellness industry. After being unfulfilled by not being able to provide ongoing coaching in my job, I longed for the opportunity to form relationships with clients, which is why I decided to start Vïv. Now, I'm able to provide ongoing accountability and see the successful outcomes my clients have. 

What's Next? 

For a 10 minute free consult (so we can chat and decide if I'm the best fit for you), email me at cassandra@vivfitness.com. 

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More about me personally...

In my spare time I love spending time with my husband (Brian), my brand new daughter (Elle) and our Olde English Bulldog (Buddha). I love a good slice of pizza, interior decorating, anything leopard print, and  spending time in the great outdoors ! I moved from the beach (SoCal) to the mountains 8 years ago, and my heart will always be in San Diego. 

Get to know me more on Instagram and Twitter @vivfitcoach or check out my facebook page  here  -- it's where I share yummy recipes, interesting articles, and awesome advice.  

-- Cassandra