5-day healthy mama kickstart

Hey mama. 

I know working on your health and fitness is sometimes easier said than done. But I also know a little accountability and a plan can go a long way.

That's why I'm offering the FREE 5-day healthy mama kickstart challenge!

It's perfect if you feel like you've been struggling with health habits that used to be easy for you, or if you just need a good re-set! 

One habit per day, no commitment or crazy plan to stick to. Easy as that. 

Sign up by clicking here and be sure to join my free facebook community by clicking here!! 



FREE 5-day nutrition and fitness challenge. Re-set your health habits, get free resources, and join a community of moms here!
FREE 5-day challenge! Healthy mama kickstart is perfect for you if you are trying to improve your health habits, but aren't sure where to start! Are you a busy mom who wants more energy? Sign up for this free challenge!

Gift Guide for the athleisure-lover: the gear

If you are still looking for the perfect gift for the on-the-go mama in your life (or your bestie, or YOU...) then I have a few things in mind! And it's not too late to order online and have everything arrive before Christmas ;) 

gift guide for the athleisure-loving mom! Perfect gifts for the on the go mom.

The mini-habit challenge: the ANTI- new years resolution

With less than a month of 2017 left, I wanted to start thinking about a simple way to help busy mamas change their health habits.

mini-habit (2).png


I was doing some research and found that even the tiniest action (i’m talking like a 5 minute walk, or flossing 2 teeth, or drinking 1 freaking glass of water) can really make an impact.



Two reasons.

The first is there is very little pressure. One glass of water seems WAY more doable than drinking 64 oz tomorrow right? And you could probably fit in a 5 minute walk, but if you have to go home after that… who cares… you did your 5 minutes!

And five minutes is WAY easier than telling yourself you will go to the gym everyday this week.

The second reason is because after you begin making tiny changes, you realize that you could probably handle a little more. And it’s the beginning of a major snowball effect (with little to no stress or pressure).


So how does this all go down??


Step 1: Pick something YOU have been wanting to improve. Don’t care about flossing?? Pick something else! This is for Y O U.

Step 2: Tie your action to something you already do.

  • Example: if you make coffee each morning, drink your water right after you turn on the  coffee machine.  You could also fill your bottle while the coffee is brewing. If your goal is to walk 5 minutes, you could go for your mini walk right after you take your kids to school, or right when your husband gets home from work.

  • Other options: after you take a shower, after you brush your teeth, while you're in the carpool line.....

Step 3: Do the mini goal for one week straight. When you sign up for the mini goal challenge (linked below), I’ll send you a cute little printable to check off your goals. Make sure to put your reminder page wherever your trigger is. (i.e. by the coffee machine, on the fridge, by the front door, etc.)

Easy peasy. Now you are on your way to improving your health one mini habit at a time!

Sign up here for the free 5-day-5-minute mini habit challenge! You get a cute printable AND a daily reminder to do your mini goal.

The mini habit challenge. The anti-new years resolution. Change your habits in 5 minutes per day. Perfect for busy moms. Plus a free printable check list.