my favorite podcasts for Moms

I wrote about my favorite podcasts in this blog post, but I wanted to do a little update! I seriously love listening to podcasts, and they are a great way to help me feel connected and productive during long days of mom-ing, while I'm driving, or even just on a walk while I'm pushing the stroller. 

11 podcasts for the millennial mom. All about health, relationships, mom life and productivity.

Here are 11 podcasts I LOVE!

topic: #momlife / marriage

  • Atomic moms. "A modern parenting podcast about the joys and complexities of caring for our little ones and ourselves." I love this podcast! Ellie has amazing guests and is just so positive and uplifting I could listen to her all day.

  • the Mara & Megan show: amazing mamas sharing stories about motherhood. And I might be biased, but check out my episode on postpartum body love here!

  • The mom hour. These mamas are full of practical tips to help with mom life at every stage.

  • One Extraordinary Marriage: Hosts Tony and Alisa talk about all things sex, love, relationship, and marriage and they are so inspiring. Their honesty is refreshing and every time I listen to this podcast I learn something.

topic: productivity/happiness/health

  • The Chalene Show. I am a huge fangirl for Chalene Johnson and her podcast is great. She tackles everything from productivity and motivation to health, fitness, and sleep.

  • Sorta Awesome. This is one of the first podcasts I started listening to back in 2014 and I still love it. Host Meg Tietz chats with one of her three co-hosts each week and they talk about little (and big) ways to make life more awesome.

  • The Lively Show with Jess Lively. I'm a recent fan of this show and it' all about various aspects of life including relationships, the law of attraction, mindset, and meditation.

  • Smartest Person in the Room. Each season, host Laura Tremaine tackles a different topic. This season she is digging deep into the mind-body connection, and it is powerful stuff.

topic: business

If you have a business or side hustle, these are great podcasts to listen to! 

of course I love shows like RadioLab, Serial, etc, but these are what I'm playing in my earbuds these days! Please let me know what your faves are!

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